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Dec 18, 2017

Heathrow bargain-basement terminal still too expensive, but also pointless

Heathrow Hub, the independent proposal to expand the airport via an extension of the existing North-West Runway, says that Heathrow Airport’s own plan to build a bargain-basement terminal to hold down the spiralling costs of its 3rd Runway is still expensive, but also pointless.

Jock Lowe, director of Heathrow Hub, said: “This just goes to show how expensive and complex Heathrow’s 3rd Runway is. It is simply in the wrong place. It requires the demolition of the three villages, and critical infrastructure like BA’s HQ and the Home Office Immigration facilities, before any concrete is laid. It is also right up against the M25/M4 junction, and will require months if not years of delays and hundreds of millions of pounds of extra cost to cross the motorway.”

“Our plan to extend the existing runway is cheaper, simpler and less disruptive. It destroys fewer houses and has a proper safety case. Whichever way you look at it, our plan is some £6bn cheaper. It can also be meaningfully phased, unlike Heathrow’s own 3rd Runway.”

“These additional costs would ultimately fall on consumers. Heathrow Airport should stop messing about changing their scheme and adopt ours instead in the interest of the entire country.”

Mr Lowe made his comment ahead of the Transport Select Committee hearing this evening. The Transport Select Committee is reviewing the National Policy Statement to approve Heathrow’s expansion, and has the power to ask the Government to amend it.