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Oct 25, 2016

Right location, wrong scheme. Heathrow Hub responds to runway decision

Heathrow Hub, the independent proposal to expand Heathrow by extending the northern runway, has responded to the UK Government’s decision to expand Heathrow Airport by building the third runway as the best solution to the UK’s aviation capacity challenge.

Our view is the Government has selected the right location but the wrong scheme. Our proposal is cheaper, simpler, less disruptive and quicker to construct than Heathrow Airport’s 3rd Runway. The decision will result in substantially higher passenger charges and opposition from airlines, passengers and those affected in the Heathrow area.

Anthony Clake, principal investor in the Heathrow Hub scheme, said: “Jock Lowe and the team have done a superb job in developing the extended runway concept during the past 4 years. They were shortlisted by the Government, have obtained a patent for its design and recognition from the CAA that it is safe. While we have been unsuccessful in our quest to apply the design to help solve the UK’s airport capacity problem, we look forward to promoting our concept around the world.”

Captain William ‘Jock’ Lowe, Director of Heathrow Hub, commented:

“Our economy, our national transport infrastructure and our international connectivity will be much improved by the expansion of Heathrow Airport rather than Gatwick. While we obviously believe that our own concept to extend the northern runway remains vastly superior to Heathrow Airport Ltd.’s third runway option, we congratulate John Holland-Kaye and his team.

“We are relieved that the Government has made the correct decision in terms of location. Heathrow is where the airlines want to be; it’s where the demand is.”