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    The Smart Solution to Expansion at Heathrow

    Extending the Northern Runway – enabling environmental standards to be met, not compromised

    Our Proposal
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Our Proposal

An Extended Runway

Heathrow Hub is an independent proposal for additional capacity at Heathrow, by extending the existing northern runway westwards away from London, negating the need to build the "third runway" promoted by the airport's owners. Planes would land at one end and take off at the other. 

Although the proposal, deemed viable by the Airports Commission, was originally part of the process to assess expansion at Heathrow, the cost-effective design means it can also be used to optimise efficiency and flight schedules, thereby reducing environmental impacts, as well as to create capacity, subject to demand.

Our scheme matched the increase in Air Traffic Movements (ATMs), proposed by Heathrow's own 3rd runway scheme but with significant benefits: cheaper, greener, quicker, simpler and quieter. An independent safety review also confirmed it is a safe solution that meets all regulatory requirements. 

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Protecting the Environment

Phased construction to allow emissions targets to be met, not compromised

  • The critical aviation challenge for the United Kingdom is to maintain the country’s connectivity and competitiveness by enhancing airport hub capacity in the most sustainable manner possible.

    Our Extended Northern Runway (ENR) proposal meets that challenge. Unlike Heathrow Airport Ltd’s 3rd Runway, construction can be phased, giving the Government and regulators the ability to enforce noise and air quality impacts before releasing any new capacity for additional flights.

  • The cost of Heathrow Airport Ltd’s 3rd Runway scheme is so high that its funding relies, not only on adding 50% more capacity or 260,000 flights annually within two years of a new runway opening, but also on adding 25,000 more flights, mostly in the early morning, even before a new runway is completed.

    By contrast, the low cost and efficient design of our extended runway means it is affordable without any more flights, so the additional capacity can first be  

  • used to make Heathrow operate more efficiently, with fewer delays, less taxiing and better respite, reducing environmental impacts.

    At a time when Government policy is net zero carbon emissions by 2050, Heathrow Hub’s proposal enables environmental standards to be met, not compromised, by its expansion plans.

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    Total scheme cost of £9.7bn, with a first phase costing £4.7bn. Our scheme is privately funded and would keep passenger landing charges flat.

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    Phased construction means control over air quality targets. Expansion can be safely stopped if environmental safeguards are not met.

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    Quicker & Simpler

    Less land, less destruction, less delivery risk.

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    No new communities in the overall noise footprint and greater respite for those who are already in it.

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    Our proposed safety zone is over twice the length required by international regulation. It has been deemed viable by the Airports Commission.

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    Road & Rail access

    We believe it’s essential to make travel to Heathrow easier and quicker while reducing emissions.

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